Five Budget Friendly Ideas for Commercial Renovation

It’s always nice to have a fresh, clean and updated commercial space.  But unfortunately, budgetary constraints usually limit what can be reasonably done.  If your business is in serious need of a refreshment but the money is tight, we’ve put together this list of five budget friendly ideas for commercial renovation. Determine The Wants Versus [...]

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Fall Office Remodeling Tips

As we transition from summer into fall and more and more workers end up coming back to the office, remodeling is often on the minds of those in charge.  A remodeled office space can rejuvenate a workforce and create a more efficient workplace.  For some fall office remodeling tips, we’ve put together this list. Insulation [...]

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How to Choose the Best Commercial Carpet

Choosing and buying carpeting isn’t everyone’s favourite way to spend their time and money. However, when it needs to be done, it’s important to be done right. You’ll have to live with your choice for a long time. Choosing the right carpet can be even more difficult in a commercial setting. There are many more [...]

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How to Choose Commercial Windows

While there are some similarities to choosing residential windows, you often have to take into account several other factors when deciding on commercial windows.  Commercial windows are often larger and more plentiful than residential windows.  You’ll also need to keep in mind security and working conditions that may not be applicable with residential purchases.  To [...]

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