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How to Choose Commercial Windows

While there are some similarities to choosing residential windows, you often have to take into account several other factors when deciding on commercial windows.  Commercial windows are often larger and more plentiful than residential windows.  You’ll also need to keep in mind security and working conditions that may not be applicable with residential purchases.  To [...]

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Top Tips for Building a Warehouse

As E-commerce grows, so does the demand for warehouse space.  This has led to a boom in warehouse construction.  The building of modern warehouses has evolved along with our worldview.  For today’s top tips for building a warehouse, check out this post. Scalability Modern warehouses need to grow and shrink according to demand.  It’s far [...]

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What is The Best Type of Lighting for Office Productivity?

The lighting in your office can have a huge effect on employee creativity and productivity.  This can be intuitively experienced by simply spending some time in bright sunshine and seeing how it affects your energy levels and mood.  Compare that to time spent in a dark, dreary basement and it’s easy to see how important [...]

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How to Replace Commercial Carpeting

Renovating your office is a great way to refresh its look as well as your employee’s morale.  But unfortunately complete renovations can be disruptive and expensive.  But there are ways to do partial renovations that add a lot of impact without the disturbance or expense.  Upgrading your carpeting can be a good way to achieve [...]

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Four Safety Tips For Commercial Renovation

Anyone in commercial construction and renovations should understand that safety is of the utmost concern.  Poor safety standards lead to poor morale and poor morale decreases productivity.  An unsafe construction or renovation environment will ultimately cost time and money, nevermind the potential for injury or possible death.  To help you create a safe working environment, [...]

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Office Design Trends for 2021

To say that 2020 was a unique year for the office is a massive understatement.  But the office still survives, even if that means it’s currently thriving more at home than it is in the downtown sector.  But that doesn’t mean we should forget about the workplace.  A healthy, inviting and flexible workspace has become [...]

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