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Top 3 Tips for Executing a Successful Restaurant Construction Project

Design When planning a restaurant construction project, including the owners, chefs and the general commercial contractor in the planning phase will pay off dividends in the end.  When everyone has a stake in the design, you can be assured there will be no surprises or hurt feelings when the project is finished.  Chefs will have [...]

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3 Ways to Finish Your Commercial Construction Project on Time

Commercial construction projects that go past their deadline are not just bothersome, they will increase costs for all of the parties involved. Finishing commercial construction projects on time depends on at least a few main factors. In this article, we narrow those factors down to three of the most important considerations that should be taken [...]

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What are the Main Differences Between Commercial and Industrial Construction?

Most people might think that commercial and industrial construction are one and the same.  An inexperienced person might only see the similarities between the two types of construction, but the fact is there are many differences.  In this post we’ll go over some of the main differences between commercial and industrial construction.  Site Considerations When [...]

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3 Common Construction Myths

Because commercial construction seems to be taking place all around us at all times of the year, there are a handful of common misconceptions that arise among people who are looking to undertake such work for the first time.  In this article we’ll go over 3 common construction myths and why they need to be [...]

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4 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Renovation on Track

Ready to keep your commercial renovation on track? Make sure to follow these 4 tips. Create A Realistic Schedule By starting with a schedule that’s realistic you’ll have given yourself a timeline that allows for the realities of life to take their natural course.  Allow lead time for the sourcing of materials and changes in [...]

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How to Hire the Right Construction Company

When building or renovating, hiring the right construction company will go a long way to reducing stress, delays and costly overruns.  But what do you need to look at to make sure you end up with the right company? This article will go over some of the things to look for when hiring a construction [...]

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Top Construction Trends for 2018

With the end of 2017 comes a period of looking forward to the new year.  Trends in the construction industry happen for a reason and that reason is that most companies face similar circumstances and experiences that affect the industry as a whole.  In this article, we’ll go over some of the top construction trends [...]

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4 Benefits of Holiday Decorations for Your Business

The holiday season means decorations will be proliferating.  Some may have been up since Halloween, but as the days lead closer to the holidays, the decorating spirit ramps up.  That said, why should you decorate your business for the season?  It’s possible your company isn’t directly affected by the holidays.  Businesses that don’t cater to [...]

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Top Trends to Consider In Commercial Construction

Keeping on top of the trends in commercial construction may not be as glamorous as trendspotting on the the runways of Paris, but for anyone involved in the running of a construction business, understanding what’s happening in the industry can have a major affect on the bottom line.  In this article we’ll go over some [...]

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How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings

Energy costs are one of the largest expenditures when running a commercial building.  By reducing energy consumption, you will not only lower your bill payments, but you’ll be having a positive effect on the environment.  In this article we’ll over over some of the ways you can reduce energy consumption in a commercial building. Use [...]

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