When planning a restaurant construction project, including the owners, chefs and the general commercial contractor in the planning phase will pay off dividends in the end.  When everyone has a stake in the design, you can be assured there will be no surprises or hurt feelings when the project is finished.  Chefs will have certain design needs specific to their kitchen, while the owners will typically have an overall vision of the entire building.  Including the general contractor in the planning and design process will allow them to give advice concerning costs, permits and overruns while ensuring all the ideas submitted are actually feasible.


Whether building a brand new restaurant or remodelling an existing business, having a good handle on the construction schedule is imperative if the business wants to start off on the right foot and the restaurant hopes to open on time.  For new restaurants, missing the opening date will mean continued costs without any possibility for creating revenue.  For existing restaurants, there is the possibility to remain open while construction is underway so cash flow could remain uninterrupted.  If the restaurant needs to be closed for the building project, choosing the right time of year and scheduling accordingly will play an important role in ensuring that construction doesn’t wipe out the restaurant’s business.  There’s always a danger that customers won’t return if you close your doors.  Mitigating that risk is an essential part of scheduling.


Working With Neighbors

Very rarely will you find a restaurant on an isolated piece of land with no neighbors.  Therefore any construction should take into account how it will affect the neighbors and what can be done to ensure the project goes smoothly.  Restaurant construction projects will encounter enough problems on their own without having to deal with uncooperative or angry neighbors.  Being able to properly schedule things that affect the neighbors such as access to the property for deliveries, demolition projects or procedures that require cutting the water or power plays a huge role in finishing the project on time and within budget.  An adversarial relationship with neighbors can cause delays, complications and even business failure.