Real estate offices are often quite unique from your average office.  As opposed to your regular 9 to 5 office, many of your employees will be out on location trying to sell property for a good part of the day.  Collaboration among your real estate agents is necessary, but they also need space to work alone and concentrate. And very seldom will you have clients or curious potential customers walking in off the street, but you still need to be prepared for that happening.  If you’re looking for top design ideas for real estate office renovation, check out this article we’ve put together.

Balancing Remote And In-Office Work

For real estate agents to fulfill their duties, they need to be out showing properties to potential customers.  This means they may not spend as much time in the building as your average office worker. But they’ll still need a place to come back to and file their paperwork.  Use this dual role of your agents to your advantage and provide a flexible office space. Free desking (providing desks for anyone to use on a first come, first serve basis) works well in offices where employees come and go.  Provide everyone with a personal locker to keep their supplies and hardware and let them choose any free desk when they come back to the office. This promotes employee collaboration while making better use of available desk space.

Being Prepared For Clients And Customers

Although you won’t see them very often, clients and potential customers will show up at your office.  For this reason you need to maintain a public friendly and presentable space. Think about your reception area and how you want your customers to perceive your business.  Providing attractive and comfortable areas for presentations and contract signings can actually help improve sales. Look at your business through your customer’s eyes and stage it as you’d like to be perceived.

Collaboration Versus Privacy

Getting the proper balance between collaboration and privacy will allow your employees to benefit from each others’ knowledge and experience while giving them the space to complete detail oriented tasks.  Open areas and meeting rooms are highly advisable, but so are private areas where deals can be finalized and paperwork can be completed. Allow room for both.