Modern-day commercial construction should be informed by current events, trends in society and care for the environment.  The Covid-19 pandemic, climate change and energy efficiency are all things that should be accounted for in the planning, design and construction process.  Here are the top considerations for a commercial construction project in the 21rst century.

Air Quality

In the 20th century, so-called “sick buildings” were a big concern.  In the 21rst century, adequate ventilation to prevent respiratory diseases such as Covid-19 is a top concern.  Ultimately, air quality should be something that every commercial construction project pays attention to.  Building with ventilation, airflow, filtration systems and overall air quality in mind is the sign of a forward-looking commercial construction project.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword used by eco-warriors and do-gooders, it makes good economic sense.  Energy costs are virtually always on the rise. This means that increasing the energy efficiency of a commercial construction project will ultimately reduce costs for the tenants in the long run.  And that’s attractive regardless of your political persuasions.

Natural Disaster Protection

It’s apparent that as the climate begins to change, natural disasters are becoming more frequent.  If not anticipated, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and other severe weather can cause both a human and financial toll.  Commercial construction companies have a moral obligation to ensure their projects can withstand natural disasters that are endemic to the area.

Operating Cost Reduction

For some commercial construction companies, what happens to their projects after they’re completed isn’t of any concern.  However, that’s a shortsighted view.  Completing commercial construction projects that feature lower operating costs will not only help future tenants, but they will also shine a positive light on the creators as well.  To be known as a company that creates efficient, low-cost commercial properties will only ensure and enhance future trade.

Environmental Sustainability

No matter how carefully it’s done, commercial construction still creates a lot of waste.  But that doesn’t mean that the effects of this waste should be completely ignored.  Ultimately, the less waste that is produced, the more money that will be saved.  Environmental sustainability is also a strong marketing point in this day and age.  It’s possible to take advantage of the interest in environmental causes to further your business goals.