Five Budget Friendly Ideas for Commercial Renovation

Budget Friendly Commercial Renovations

It’s always nice to have a fresh, clean and updated commercial space.  But unfortunately, budgetary constraints usually limit what can be reasonably done.  If your business is in serious need of a refreshment but the money is tight, we’ve put together this list of five budget friendly ideas for commercial renovation. Determine The Wants Versus […]

Why Relationships are Good Business in Commercial Construction

What Is Green

When most people think of commercial construction, they’re thinking about bricks and mortar, paint and flooring, plumbing and electricity. Very seldom are relationships the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about commercial construction. But relationships are extremely important in all aspects of life – including an industry that might be known more for […]

Four Maintenance Steps for Re-opening Commercial Properties

Commercial Maintenance for Reopening

As Coronavirus rules change and we transition out of varying levels of lockdown, re-opening commercial properties for day-to-day use becomes a reality for many commercial property owners. During these unprecedented times, many of us find ourselves in unfamiliar situations. This is no different for those who have been accustomed to full and regular occupancy of […]