Renovating your office is a great way to refresh its look as well as your employee’s morale.  But unfortunately complete renovations can be disruptive and expensive.  But there are ways to do partial renovations that add a lot of impact without the disturbance or expense.  Upgrading your carpeting can be a good way to achieve this.  To give you some ideas on how to do this effectively, we’ve put together an article on how to replace commercial carpeting.

High Impact Upgrades

You don’t necessarily have to replace the flooring in your entire office.  Concentrating on a few high impact locations can be just as good as a complete overhaul – but much less expensive and time consuming.  Upgrading your carpets in high traffic areas such as the reception area or main hallway can completely change the feel of your entire office.  You can afford to go for something a little more daring and adventurous here as it will help affirm a strong first impression.

Spot Replacement

If most of your carpeting is still in good condition but you have a few stained or well worn areas, you might be able to do some spot replacements.  Very often it’s tough to match new carpet with a well used swatch, but you can use this to your advantage and utilize a highly contrasting piece to drop into place.  The effect could be very eye catching.  To avoid having to make decisions like this in the future, however, you can install modular carpeting that will allow you to easily replace stained or damaged pieces.

Carpet Swapping

If your office has a lot of area rugs or other easily removed pieces, such as tile carpeting, simply swapping one piece for another can be a good way to mix things up.  Not only will it create a change of environment, it can allow you to lengthen the lifespan of your carpets.  Swapping a carpet from a high traffic location with one that sits under a boardroom table will allow for more even wear on both.

Accent Pieces

Another way to upgrade the look of your carpeting without a complete replacement is to add some accent pieces.  Draping a matching or contrasting rug over an existing carpet can lead to a pleasing design while also making the floor more comfortable underfoot.  Areas that get a lot of traffic such as in front of the coffee machine or water cooler can definitely benefit from an extra layer of carpet.