As office workers prepare to go back to work after a long period of Coronavirus lockdown, it’s imperative for business owners and managers to ensure their workers can fulfill their duties while remaining safe from the transmission of the virus. In this article we’ll go over how to prepare your office to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread. 

Social Distancing

It’s been agreed by health experts around the world that keeping a distance of at least two metres between people greatly reduces the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus.  This may be difficult, if not outright impossible in some offices due to lack of space, pinch points and the nature of the work being done.  But there are ways to create barriers between workers to reduce contact.

Physical Partitioning

Temporary physical partitions that are easy to disinfect are one way to reduce or prevent contact between employees.  If necessary they can be made of a clear material, such as Plexiglass, to allow workers to see each other and interact.  If you have the time and resources you might also consider more permanent structures such as fully enclosed offices or semi-enclosed cubicles.

One Way Systems

We’ve seen it employed in grocery stores and other retail shops where a system of arrows directs people to reduce the people’s interactions.  This can also be used in the office.  Take some time to analyze the natural movements of employees and try to coordinate a one way system that’s efficient and intuitive.  Remain flexible in case the first attempt doesn’t work as well as planned.

Redundancy Of Work Implements

Ideally you don’t want your employees sharing the tools needed to complete the job.  This may require an investment in extra equipment to ensure that everyone has their own set of tools and work implements.  Redundancy will be required to reduce the need for many people handling the same equipment.

Disinfectants And PPE

Having a plentiful supply of disinfectants and personal protective equipment related specifically to the tasks your employees carry out will likely be your best protection against infections.  Things like hand sanitizers, soap and alcohol based cleaning solutions should be available in every office.  PPE such as face coverings, gloves or gowns may also be necessary for certain types of business.  Decide what makes sense for your office and stock up.