Successful Office Renovation

Proper planning plays as big a role in renovation success as a correctly sized budget or a skilled contractor. Having a good plan will reduce instances of frustration and surprise, which ultimately cost you time and money.  To learn how to plan ahead for a successful office renovation, take a look at these tips!


Set Your Goals

Setting goals upfront will allow everyone involved to understand how the project should unfold and what the final product should look like.  Explicitly stating what the renovation is meant to accomplish will go a long way in helping all the concerned parties to provide the right skills for the job.  This is where you should be creating a budget and adding or subtracting elements to fit it.  You should also establish whether the work will affect the day-to-day running of the business.


Assemble The Team

By putting the team together early, it’s more likely that everyone will be able to complement each other’s work.  It will allow everyone to understand their part in the big picture and prevent conflicting views from appearing in the middle of the renovation.  From project manager to design team to general contractor to vendors and suppliers, the earlier each part of the team is able to be involved, the smoother the process will go.


Evaluate The Site 

Having a proper understanding of the work site before any work actually begins will prevent delays, surprises and unnecessary expenditures.  A preliminary site evaluation should give you a good understanding of the condition the building is in, the quality of the existing infrastructure and any irregularities such as hazardous materials or historic listings or designations.  Using a building inspector before the work begins is much more preferable than waiting until later.


Create The Schedule

Being realistic is a huge part of effective scheduling.  Trying to rush things to save money or time generally results in the opposite.  Get time estimates for the various steps such as planning permissions, supply procurement, general labour and clean up.  You should also build in contingencies to the schedule in case anything happens to go wrong.


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