To say that 2020 was a unique year for the office is a massive understatement.  But the office still survives, even if that means it’s currently thriving more at home than it is in the downtown sector.  But that doesn’t mean we should forget about the workplace.  A healthy, inviting and flexible workspace has become more important than ever.  To help you navigate the new normal, we’ve put together a list of office design trends for 2021.



As we’ve been shown, what we might consider immutable can be quickly disrupted and overturned.  For this reason it’s important to remain flexible and ready to change tack with little or no warning.  Spaces may need to be quickly rearranged, repurposed or drastically reorganized and the 2021 office will need to exhibit that kind of adaptability.  More creative thinking needs to be employed in today’s office to ensure it can be altered quickly and efficiently.


Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning

Never before has HVAC been such an important factor in a healthy office.  If your office doesn’t already have access to openable windows you’ll need to find some way to ensure adequate ventilation throughout.  You’ll also want to ensure sufficient heating capabilities to make up for the introduction of fresh (and possibly very cold) air.  A proper assessment of ventilation will be necessary to allay both employee and customer concerns.


Home And Workplace Transition

Even though it’s been over a year since the virus was first identified, there is still an obvious need for working from home.  But the workplace has still had to evolve to allow this transition to take place smoothly.  Technology has played a major role in allowing this transformation to occur, so it remains vital to stay abreast of any technological advances that can make this process as seamless as possible.  It hasn’t been easy to maintain the connection between the home and the workplace, but this is yet another new responsibility of a properly functioning workplace.


Outdoor Work Areas

It may not be so easy in the depths of winter, but taking your work outdoors will not only reduce health concerns, it can open up new ways of working.  It can provide a welcome respite for employees who’ve been working at home for months on end and do wonders for employee morale.  Even a short outdoor meeting can rejuvenate a fatigued workforce.