Every office is going to have artificial lighting of some sort.  Even if your office is completely made of glass you’ll still need something to illuminate the space when the sun goes down.  And although some types of artificial light may be better than others, nothing beats natural light. This article will go over four reasons why natural light is important in the office space.

Increased Productivity

You can attend countless seminars or read every business book out there to try and increase the productivity of your office, but one simple solution is to increase the amount of natural light that your employees receive.  Bright, natural light allows for better concentration which will ultimately result in increased productivity. Even a little natural light is better than none at all.

Reduced Sick Days

If it seems like people are always calling in sick, it may have as much to do with the lighting in your place of business as with anything else.  The amount of natural light people receive can have an effect on their immune systems. By giving your employees access to natural light during the work day you’ll be playing a role in stimulating their general overall health.

Better Sleep

While you probably don’t want your employees to be sleeping on the job, by increasing the amount of natural light they receive during the workday you’ll likely also be increasing the amount of sleep they get when they go home.  Sunlight plays an important role in circadian rhythms which influences the amount and quality of sleep one gets.


Exposure to natural light has been known to effectively boost one’s creativity.  By looking at all the other points mentioned above, if access to natural light increases productivity, boosts the immune system and allows for better sleep at night, it’s not that much of a stretch to believe that these lifestyle improvements will also affect one’s innate creativity as well.  Give your employees access to more natural light and you may see an increase in their creative impulses as well.