Part of getting our world back to normal after suffering the effects of the global pandemic is to create offices that are conducive to good health, positive mental attitudes and a productive work experience.  Lighting plays an important role in all of these things.  It’s been found that natural lighting leads to healthier indoor environments and better workplaces.  If you’re looking at how to maximize natural lighting in office spaces, we’ve got some tips.

Utilize Mirrors

If you’ve got a limited number of windows in your office, utilizing mirrors can maximize the amount of natural light that reaches the different parts of the space.  Situating mirrors opposite of windows can bounce light into the darker recesses.  Not only will this increase the amount of natural lighting in the office space, it will make the office appear bigger.

Decorate With Reflective Colours And Surfaces

You don’t necessarily have to use mirrors to reflect natural lighting.  Other surfaces can be used to reflect sunlight that’s coming in through the windows.  Paint the walls with lighter colours instead of light-absorbing darker colours.  Glossy, reflective finishes on furniture and other objects in the office will increase the availability of natural light.  Highly polished floors with lighter colours will also brighten the room.

Remove Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes and shades will all reduce the amount of natural light that gets into the office – even when they’re open.  Removing these can make a big difference in the brightness experienced inside.  If you need some sort of window covering during extremely sunny periods, opt for lighter-coloured, semi-transparent materials.

Rearrange The Furniture

Large structures such as filing cabinets, cubicle walls and shelving should be moved away from the windows to allow more light to flow through the office.  Minimizing the light-blocking barriers around the windows will brighten up the space and provide a better view of the outside world.

Keep The Windows Clean

Dirty windows can block a lot of the available sunlight.  Often, this isn’t even noticeable until after the windows have been cleaned.  Regular cleaning of both the insides and outsides of the windows will not only make the office appear brighter, it will make for a more pleasant working environment as well.