It used to be that offices were places of work and nothing more.  The thought of relaxing or having fun in the office environment was the antithesis of work and productivity.  As attitudes have changed, it’s been discovered that this old-fashioned attitude may be entirely incorrect.  Being able to relax and have fun in the office can muster creativity, boost productivity and make for a happier, healthier staff.  In order to change the dynamic in your workplace, we’ve put together this guide on how to design a fun game room in your office.

Make Enough Space

Whatever you decide to be the main focus of your office game room, make sure you have enough space for it to be effective.  Things like pool tables and foosball tables need sufficient elbow room for them to be used properly.  Even if you only have a selection of board games, you don’t want the room to be so small that it feels claustrophobic.  If you want to design a fun game room in your office, set out sufficient space so that it’s inviting and usable.

Choose Interactive Activities

Ideally, you want to provide activities that will allow people to interact and play together.  Certain activities are more conducive to this than others.  You should also take into account the amount of skill and experience required to play certain games.  If there’s a steep learning curve, you may find a few employees take over the space while others feel too intimidated to join in.

Allow For Relaxing And Watching

Your office game room should provide space to simply relax or kick back and watch others playing games.  Not everyone should be required to play all the time, so there should also be enough room for spectators.  Rather than making your game room a place for head-to-head battles, make it so that everyone can be part of the experience, whether participating or not.

Make It Bright And Colourful

Adding light and colour to the game room will make it feel more carefree.  Take advantage of natural light or add artificial lighting if necessary.  Try adding some plants and unique decorations such as photos, posters or sculptures.  In other words, decorate it so it feels like a game room, not an office.