While there are some similarities to choosing residential windows, you often have to take into account several other factors when deciding on commercial windows.  Commercial windows are often larger and more plentiful than residential windows.  You’ll also need to keep in mind security and working conditions that may not be applicable with residential purchases.  To teach how to choose commercial windows, we’ve put together this list of pointers.


While everyone needs their home to be secure, commercial areas are designed to attract much more foot traffic at all hours of the day.  Regular residential windows won’t be sufficient if your business contains money or expensive products and equipment.  Standard commercial windows are stronger than residential windows, but you might need to go stronger still.  Ballistic, or bulletproof, glass might be necessary depending on the neighbourhood and the contents of your building.


Although pandemic-caused conditions have seen many more of us working from home, glare is rarely a consideration with residential windows.  In a commercial setting, however, glare can be counterproductive.  Installing anti-glare windows or applying anti-glare film over existing windows can reduce the penetration of sunlight to reduce blinding light and heat build-up.

UV Protection

Ultraviolet rays aren’t just harmful to the skin of your employees, they can damage your equipment and retail products.  Installing UV-resistant glass is a way to protect your workers and your material investments from the ravages of the sun.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows are often associated with residential buildings, but they can have an even greater effect on commercial properties.  Not only do properly insulated windows provide more comfort for your staff and clients, they’ll reduce your energy bills as well.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that energy efficiency is something that only homeowners have to worry about.


While everyone wants a nice-looking home, aesthetics can play a major role in the growth of a business as well.  Display windows will attract the attention of customers and clients and can act as a first impression of the business and property as a whole.  The type of commercial windows you choose can have a direct impact on how the business and property are perceived.