As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to increase the company’s productivity.  Working smarter rather than harder will benefit both your bottom line and your employee’s morale.  Bigger profits and happier workers can only lead to greater success.  When it comes time to renovate, you should be looking for productivity improvements just as much as you should be looking for a fresh, new look.  To help you out, here’s a list of four office renovations that boost productivity.


After living through almost two years of Coronavirus restrictions, ventilation has become the number one concern for anyone who oversees an enclosed space.  Improving ventilation systems will not only make everyone feel safer, but it will also reduce the number of sick days taken by employees.  Proper ventilation will ensure that pathogens are quickly removed from the office environment while giving you much more control over the quality of air that everyone is breathing.  Remember that safe and healthy workers are productive workers.


Just as fresh air is integral to a healthy working environment, natural light can play a similar role in improving employee morale and preventing sickness.  Access to more natural light will provide a welcoming work environment for your employees while also helping at home when they’re trying to fall asleep.  Other productivity boosters experienced by access to more natural light include reduced eye strain, increased alertness and lower instances of headaches.  Not only can more sunlight help worker morale, but it can also reduce your lighting costs.

Improved Layout

Changing the layout of your office can have a big effect on its productivity.  Crowded and chaotic spaces not only reduce productivity, but they also affect the mind frame of your workers.  Open-plan offices, centre-facing workstations and workflow optimizing layouts can increase collaboration while making everyday tasks easier to complete.

A New Colour Scheme

It can be easy to think that a colour scheme has a lot more to do with fashion than function, but changing up the paint job in your office space can change up the mindset of your team as well.  Finding the appropriate colours for the tasks at hand will be just as important as deciding to renovate, but getting it right can do wonders for worker morale and productivity.