The holiday season can be stressful for a lot of reasons.  Poor weather, busier commutes, added shopping responsibilities and ironing out social schedules can all take their toll on every employee.  Decorating the office can help add a bit of festive cheer that can go a long way into getting people in the mood to take on the extra tasks associated with Christmas.  To make things a bit easier for everyone, here’s a list of five ideas for decorating your office space for the holidays.

Turn Doors Into Chimneys

A quick way to make a maximum impact with a minimum amount of fuss is to hang brick-print wrapping paper on the doors to make them look like chimneys.  Adding a Santa head or feet on top can make it look as if Santa is climbing or diving down the chimney.  Some fake snow around the bottom edges of the door can make the chimney look even more authentic.

Update Your Company Logo

Adding a Santa hat, wreath or bow to your company logo can quickly transform it into a holiday-friendly decoration.  Not only will your business be advertised, but you’ll be spreading holiday cheer at the same time.  Just remember to revert back to normal after the holidays!

Hang Some Lights

Stringing up some Christmas lights, whether indoors or out, can quickly bring the holiday mood into your office.  Stringing them up around the windows, cubicles and doors will brighten the office – especially in the afternoons when the sun is going down early.  As a post-holiday storage tip for short strings of indoor lights, wrap them around the outside of empty Pringles cans with the plug placed inside the tube to ensure they’re not a tangled mess when you retrieve them the following year.

Put Up A Tree

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree.  Putting up a tree in the office will definitely signify the holiday season is in full swing.  It can also be used as the drop-off point for secret Santa gifts.

Substitute Chocolate For Christmas Cards

While Christmas cards show you’re thinking about your employees, the facts are most people won’t even read the pre-printed messages and the cards will ultimately end up in the recycling bin.  Rather than giving out cards, wrap a Christmas tag around the neck of a small chocolate Santa and hand them out as edible Christmas greetings instead.