It’s always nice to have a fresh, clean and updated commercial space.  But unfortunately, budgetary constraints usually limit what can be reasonably done.  If your business is in serious need of a refreshment but the money is tight, we’ve put together this list of five budget friendly ideas for commercial renovation.

Determine The Wants Versus The Needs

Yes, we all want the best looking commercial environment possible, but very few of us have unlimited funds to do so.  This is where determining the difference between a want and a need becomes essential.  Make sure you get all your needs taken care of before you start fulfilling your wants.

Opt For Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of your building is a good way to save money for future renovations.  It also provides the benefits that come with being environmentally aware.  These days, many customers care about HOW their money is spent rather than how MUCH is spent.  Giving them the peace of mind that they’re supporting an environmentally aware business by investing in energy efficiency.

Choose High Impact Renovations

Sometimes the renovations that have the most impact don’t necessarily cost a lot.  Rethinking your colour schemes, creating an airy, open-concept space or updating your lighting strategy can make a big difference in look without making a big difference in your wallet.

Improve The Floor Layout

Sometimes a floor layout becomes inefficient over time.  As the business grows, things change and the layout that you began with may no longer fit the bill.  Reorganizing your floor plan can be an economical way to give your business a brand new look while improving how the business functions.

Modernize Your Technology

Technology has been changing more rapidly than it ever has which makes it very easy to be left behind.  Investing in a technological update can help both your employees and your customers.  It can also refresh the entire character of your company.  Robots, automation, voice activation and other more forward-thinking innovations can be utilized to make life easier, and more exciting, for your employees and customers alike.