Choosing a paint colour in your office has as much to do with creating a feeling as it does with sprucing the space up.  How you paint your office can tell your employees and customers as much about the business as your logo or website.  For this reason, getting the right colour scheme is important.  To learn how to choose the right paint colour for your office, we present these five tips.



The entrance to your business will provide the first impression so this should be considered one of the most important areas.  If you’re trying to present a formal look, darker colours such as reds, browns and black can provide an appropriate sense of decorum.  For more creative businesses, brighter colours, more offbeat colour schemes and highly contrasting colours can present an image of creativity and quirkiness.



You might not think much about hallways, but the fact that they lead you to the inner sanctums of the business means that newcomers will be closely paying attention as they move through the office.  That said, brighter colours make shorter hallways appear larger, whereas longer hallways are properly complemented with lighter and more muted colours.


Conference Rooms

It’s probably a good idea to make the area where you have most of your meetings a place of calm consideration.  Reds and blacks are good for creating an air of formality while still providing something to spark creativity.  Giving the ceiling a coat of an unusual, but matching, colour can add some vibrancy and dynamism.


The Office

You might want your office to look a bit more formal, but you also need the colour scheme to keep you motivated.  Gray is the classic formal office colour, but you can also just as easily choose a white or off white.  To add colour to the room you can rely on your furniture and accessories.  This also allows you to change up the colour scheme without having to repaint the entire office.


Common Areas

If you have a common work area you want there to be energy while also keeping things calm.  An olive or light shade of green works well on walls to create an ambience of harmony.  Again, you can use the ceiling to add another colour to brighten things up and add energy.  If you need to make the room look larger, stick with a white ceiling and match it with lighter, brighter walls.