Is it time for a bigger, better or more beautiful office space?  One of the first things on your mind is likely how much the renovations will cost.  To help you figure how to budget for an office renovation, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to price out to get you to a final estimate.

Architectural Services

Some people will want to do this themselves.  And although it can save you a lot of money by taking the DIY route, if you’re inexperienced you may run into some problems along the way.  Architectural firms will not only create a floor plan and blueprints, they can also help with coding issues and other technicalities. Even a short consultation with an architect can be a big help.

Electrical And Lights

Having your new space properly wired and lit up will be an important part of running a seamless business.  Even more so if clients visit your premises. Speak to an electrician and check out the range of lighting options that are available to get an idea of what this will cost.


Will you be working with the existing walls or will you need to add a lot of partitioning?  The layout of your office will play a role in the creation (or destruction) of existing walls, and these processes will cost money.  Also remember to look into prices for different types of wall materials, paint and ornamentation.


The type of flooring material you choose will play a big role in how much of the office renovation budget it takes up.  This can range from the low end of concrete all the way up to solid hardwood or marble. The type of impression you want your floors to make will have a lot to do with this part of your budget.


You’ll definitely need at least one toilet and sink.  Will you require showers? How about a kitchen? Take into account all your water needs and speak to a plumber to find out how much of your budget this will take.


You’ll need some sort of heating and air ventilation system.  If it gets extremely hot in your region (or within your business) you’ll need to consider air conditioning as well.  An HVAC expert will be able to run you through your options.


Putting it all together will require the labour of contractors.  Speak to a general contractor to get an idea of all the components that will need to be involved and to find out if you’re missing anything.

Cost Overruns

You should also include in your budget some contingency plans for any cost overruns.  This should be a minimum of 5% of your overall budget, but pushing it up to 10% certainly won’t hurt.  Ideally you won’t have to use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you had it.