Top 5 Commercial Remodeling Tips

Commercial remodeling can be an exciting time for your business, but there are many pitfalls that can muddy your path.  To help you achieve a stress free revamp we’ve come up with an article covering the top five commercial remodeling tips. Know Your Zoning The zoning bylaws that cover your building let you know the [...]

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How to Budget for an Office Renovation

Is it time for a bigger, better or more beautiful office space?  One of the first things on your mind is likely how much the renovations will cost.  To help you figure how to budget for an office renovation, we’ve compiled a list of things you’ll need to price out to get you to a [...]

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Top Design Ideas for Real Estate Office Renovation

Real estate offices are often quite unique from your average office.  As opposed to your regular 9 to 5 office, many of your employees will be out on location trying to sell property for a good part of the day.  Collaboration among your real estate agents is necessary, but they also need space to work [...]

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8 Tips for building an Office from the Ground Up

Building an office from scratch is a gargantuan task.  Your organizational skills will be heavily tested, so to help you establish a plan we’ve come up with a list of eight tips for building an office from the ground up. Financing Ensuring you have the money to complete the project will be one of your [...]

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What is a Commercial Remodel?

Although the cranes that you see dotted around the city may signify brand new buildings being erected, they may also be a sign that commercial remodeling and renovations are going on.  What is a commercial remodel?  It’s similar to renovating and updating your private home, but done on a commercial property.  In this article we’ll [...]

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How to Improve Office Air Quality

The air quality in your office plays an important role in the health and effectiveness of everyone using the building.  Poor air quality can exacerbate allergies and asthmatic conditions while causing headaches and other maladies among workers.  It only stands to reason that sick workers will not be able to work productively or perform effectively. [...]

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Four Reasons Why the Design Phase is Important During Pre-Construction

For those who aren’t in the construction industry, the idea of design may not align with what might be thought of as a brute force type of working style.  But design plays a very important role in the construction process and is much more than just an aesthetic afterthought. There are several reasons why the [...]

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What Types of Projects are Considered Commercial Construction?

Although it might be contrary to the belief of the average person, there are many different types of construction that take place.  For example, there are large differences between residential construction, commercial construction and public works construction. In this article we’ll focus on commercial construction and try to answer the question of, “What types of [...]

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Renovating? How to get LEED Certified

These days, renovating your home or office is considered a chance to make things more environmentally sustainable.  You don’t have to be a sentimental bleeding heart to understand that using less energy, less water and fewer toxic materials while taking advantage of natural sunlight to create a healthy indoor environment is not only good for [...]

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What Commercial Carpet Features to Look For?

A commercial carpet can be a big investment.  The cost of covering large areas of floor with carpeting can be quite substantial, so you want to make sure that it can withstand consistent and heavy daily use.  There are several factors that can influence the longevity of a commercial carpet. To help you pinpoint the [...]

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