Are you finally headed back into the office after months of working from home after lockdown?  Maybe bringing in some greenery with you will make the transition a little more bearable.  Although some might be excited to get back into the office, others may be much more apprehensive.  Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, a plant or two will definitely make the office a little more comfortable.  To help prove your green thumb, we provide this list of the best four low light and low maintenance plants for your office.


Snake Plants

Snake plants are ideal for the office because they don’t require a lot of light or constant watering.  These hardy leaf-like plants grow well at regular room temperatures and actually help filter the air of toxic gases such as formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.  If you’re only going to be in the office on an irregular basis, this plant will easily be able to survive without you.


Spider Plants

Spider plants are another plant that’s known for filtering the air.  They’re particularly effective against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are often emitted by carpet and paint.  Spider plants are also capable of growing in low light situations and only need watering every couple of days.  They’re also easily propagated which means you can create small, green gifts for your coworkers.


Lucky Bamboo 

You’ll often see lucky bamboo growing in a vase of water without any soil.  This means you won’t have to water it for weeks or months – depending on how big your vase is.  These green, stick-like plants are actually a member of the lily family that the Chinese believe bring good luck, wealth and health – perfect for an office environment!  They also do better in areas of indirect sunlight which makes them the ultimate low maintenance office plant.


Dragon Trees

Dragon trees are another plant that doesn’t require constant watering making it perfect for the office.  Its red edged, sword-like leaves are an attractive addition to an office environment and are able to grow in a wide variety of temperature ranges.  If you’re not too sure about your plant growing abilities, dragon trees are a great place to start.