Laminate flooring is often used in residential buildings because of its competitive pricing, durability and the wide variety of styles available.  It’s also easy to install which makes it ideal for the DIY enthusiast looking to save a few dollars.  But the qualities that make laminate flooring suitable for home use can also make it useful in commercial settings.  To learn about the benefits of commercial grade laminate flooring, read this article.


While residential and commercial grades of laminate flooring use similar manufacturing processes, there are differences when it comes to factors such as durability.  Commercial grade laminate flooring has a higher AC (Abrasion Criteria) ranking than residential planks.  This allows it to withstand more foot traffic and exposure to ultraviolet rays.

LEED Certification

Laminate flooring has not always been the most environmentally friendly material around.  While the fiberboard is made of recycled wood, the use of resins to bind the fibers and the chemicals needed to create the wear layer may result in the production and use of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) during the manufacturing process.  However, there have been breakthroughs in production methods to increase the likelihood that laminate flooring can help a building achieve LEED certification for sustainable construction.  


As with residential laminate flooring, commercial grade laminates can’t be refinished.  However, commercial grade laminate flooring has a much more durable wear layer that resists scratches and other damage.  It’s smooth surface makes it easy to clean and keep clean.  It’s also generally resistant to stains, molds and bacteria.


One of laminate flooring’s greatest advantages is its affordability.  It’s one of the most economical types of wood flooring material available.  Much of this comes down to the use of recycled materials and the efficiency of the manufacturing process.  Installation expenses, which can cost more than the material in some cases, are also generally lower for laminate flooring.  It can often be installed on top of an existing surface which can also help reduce prep work costs.


Laminate flooring can be made to mimic a wide variety of materials which makes it useful in almost any type of interior design situation.  Since the decorative print layer is a photographic image, virtually any flooring material can be imitated.  If you’re looking for an affordable alternative of a more expensive flooring type, commercial grade laminate can rescue your budget.