There’s no doubt that colour plays a large role in the ambience of a room.  If you were decorating for a spooky Halloween party you’d probably want to work with oranges and blacks rather than lime greens and fluorescent pinks. Similarly, a Christmas theme lends itself easily to reds and whites, but not necessarily greys and purples.  Correspondingly , colours can also play a role in the office environment.  In this article we’ll go over the five best colours for an office to boost happiness and productivity.


Red is the colour of blood and fire and represents strength, courage, determination, power and desire.  It can boost the metabolism and increase blood pressure.  Red works well in an office where high energy is required and physical exertion is a possibility.


Blue is known as a trustworthy colour which is why it’s used by many large corporations that need to appear reliable such as IBM and Ford.  Because of its relation to the sea and sky it confers feelings of stability and depth.  Blue can represent logic, efficiency and rationality.  Blue provides a calming effect by regulating the metabolism.  Use blue in offices where mental focus is key.


Green is the colour associated with nature, harmony and balance.  It can also provide a sense of freshness and growth.  Green is very calming to the eye and emanates a feeling of safety.  This is partially the reason why green is often found in hospitals.  Use green in your office to restore balance and improve attitudes.


As the colour of sunshine, yellow is often identified with cheerfulness, happiness and optimism.  Yellow can be used to spark mental activity, creativity and friendliness.  Yellow can also be used to gain attention and instill confidence.  If you need your team to be bold and creative, yellow is a good colour to use.


Grey is a neutral colour that can give a sense of balance to a room.  Grey works well in modern looking buildings although too much can become overwhelming and depressing.  Try to use it as an accent colour rather than the predominant shade.