While no small task, renovating an office can breathe new life into your corporate team by upgrading the environment and making better use of the space available.  Planning ahead can allow the office space to be better suited for the needs of the employees while creating an environment conducive to efficiency, creativity and teamwork.  At the same time, a renovation can update and improve the corporate image by giving a positive impression to clients and customers who visit the space.  Here are some things to think about when planning an office renovation.

 Plan For Growth

Ideally, your company will continue to grow, so keeping that in mind while planning the renovation will give you guidelines as to what needs to be done.  Ensuring there’s space for future expansion as well as adequate storage space to accommodate that expansion will give the workers a clean, clutter free environment in which to accomplish their duties. Ignoring future growth can be a costly mistake that can see you prematurely renovating again.

 Think Ergonomically

Creating an efficient office environment that’s conducive to employee health will benefit the company and its workers in the long run.  Consider things like desks (whether standing or sitting), chairs and computer work stations when planning your renovation.  By ignoring or under funding ergonomic solutions, a company is liable to experience more worker sick days and health claims resulting in lowered productivity and higher costs.

 Rethink Your Colour Scheme

An office renovation is the perfect time to rethink your colour scheme.  Not only does your office’s colour scheme affect the workers’ mood and productivity, it also says a lot about your corporate culture to visitors and clients. Choose colours that contribute to a productive, exciting environment and give a positive feeling to employees and customers alike.

 Lower Your Overhead

An office renovation is also a great time to re-evaluate your environmental impact.  Quite often the environmentally sensitive plan is also the financially sensible solution in the long run.  Consider more window space for better lighting, shades and blinds for heat retention, light fixtures that use more efficient bulbs, motion activated lighting, portable air conditioning and living plants.  All these things and more can lower your costs while creating a better working environment.