Ready to keep your commercial renovation on track? Make sure to follow these 4 tips.

Create A Realistic Schedule

By starting with a schedule that’s realistic you’ll have given yourself a timeline that allows for the realities of life to take their natural course.  Allow lead time for the sourcing of materials and changes in the design plans before even considering digging up that first shovelful of dirt.  Recognize that unforeseen problems and overruns occur in even the smoothest of jobs and give yourself the leeway to deal with them.

Understand The Task At Hand

Understanding the type of work that the client is looking for will allow you to plan accordingly.  If there is a need to bring in other professionals to complete the job, this should be something you’re prepared for well in advance.  Comparing the budget with the required work will allow protection of you and your client against any cost overruns that can stall the project.  Knowing that all concerned principals are aware of the job will ensure you don’t run into any objections further down the line

Fully Utilize Your Team

Considering that your work crew will be responsible for getting the job done, it’s important to engage them in the project as early as possible.  Open the communication lines between all the involved parties, from architects and designers to plumbers and electricians (to name a few) and allow everyone to understand what’s going on and how they fit into the puzzle.  Make sure everyone is aware of the timeline and believes it to be feasible.  By ensuring everyone is involved and communicating you’ll be much more equipped to face and overcome any challenges that come your way.

Understand The Neighbourhood

By researching the neighbourhood and its properties, you’ll have a greater understanding of any possible challenges to the project.  Legal concerns such as zoning restrictions, building codes and fire regulations need to be addressed long before the renovation is taking place.  Knowledge about issues such as localized flooding, asbestos or hazardous wastes in the area can prevent a total shutdown once work has started.  By understanding the neighbourhood you’ll arm yourself with an awareness that can prevent potential problems from becoming a reality.