The holiday season means decorations will be proliferating.  Some may have been up since Halloween, but as the days lead closer to the holidays, the decorating spirit ramps up.  That said, why should you decorate your business for the season?  It’s possible your company isn’t directly affected by the holidays.  Businesses that don’t cater to retail sales may think that decorating isn’t all that important.  In this article we’ll go over 6 reason why you should consider decorating no matter what your business is.

Set Your Business Apart

It may be true that most businesses will put up some decorations and you might think that if you follow suit, you’ll just be one of the bunch.  But the fact is that your decorations can set you apart from everyone else.  A clever display, an adept use of colours or a unique take on a traditional presentation can make people take notice and get them talking.

Attract Children

We all know that toy and candy displays at checkout counters aren’t necessarily there to attract the attention of adults.  They’re there to encourage children to convince adults to make a purchase on their behalf.  Holiday displays can function in the same way.  True, your travel insurance business or accounting firm isn’t targeting the under 10 year old crowd, but a kidsmart holiday display can have those children dragging their parents (your target market) over to ogle your front window.

Create A Buzz

An extraordinary holiday display will get people talking.  Think about the crowds that shuffle in front of the large department store windows trying to get a peek at the ornate scenes.  Or consider the traffic received by the neighbourhood street that goes above and beyond when it comes to decorating their homes with lights and holiday regalia.  If you have creativity on your side, a good holiday display can be better than paid advertising.  Your efforts may even end up in the local media.

Promote Team Spirit

Decorating your business will get your employees into the spirit of the season.  And when your employees exude cheer and goodwill, it can only benefit the relationships with your customers.  Decorating can allow your employees to bring out their more creative side while giving them a break from their usual day-to-day tasks.  Throw in some festive beverages and snacks and you’ll have improved team morale in short order.