When choosing flooring in a commercial building you’ll want to install something durable that can withstand heavy traffic.  Commercial buildings typically receive a rate of footfall exponentially higher than that found in residential buildings and the flooring materials will need to reflect that.  Without taking those extra footsteps into account you’ll be replacing the flooring long before you hoped. This article will go over the three most durable commercial flooring options.


Terrazzo is a composite material that can be precast or poured into place.  It’s composed of chips of stone such as quartz, granite and marble and possibly other materials such as glass along with a binding material.  Once poured and set it can be ground down and polished to great effect. It’s also possible to add inlays such as logos or other decorations to make a unique, good looking floor.  Although the cost of installation is high, terrazzo is incredibly durable and will last for ages. Installation costs drop as the size of the area increases, so terrazzo floors are most economical for large public spaces.

Quarry Tile

Quarry tile is quite often used as a flooring in industrial kitchens.  It’s a very durable material that can tolerate hot spills, grease and heavy foot traffic.  There are special types of grout that are formulated to withstand the rigours of a commercial kitchen such as hot liquids and build ups of grease.  As long as the floor is cleaned regularly and any worn out areas are repaired immediately, the material is ideal for industrial kitchen use. It may not be the prettiest flooring material available, but it’s highly functional.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT is a newcomer in the flooring industry, but it’s become very popular for heavy traffic commercial applications.  It’s very adaptable when it comes to budget and design which has only increased its popularity. It won’t withstand heavy impacts or extreme heat, so it might not work in kitchens or industrial environments, but it is a great option for commercial buildings where aesthetics play a key role.