Renovating your office space not only gives you a chance to update your business’s image and ambience, it can also work to reinvigorate and motivate your employees.  While taking advantage of the current positive business conditions, upgrading your office with a keen foresight can also save you money in the long run.  This article will go over the top commercial renovation trends in 2017.

Air Quality

The environment is on everyone’s mind these days.  But concern about the environment shouldn’t end with the great outdoors.  Creating a fresh, healthy and uncontaminated office space has been proven to be a key factor in building a healthy, happy and creative work team.  Pay special consideration to your ventilation system and ensure your building materials aren’t emitting noxious fumes.  The positive effect of clean indoor air and environmentally sound building materials on productivity has long been known.  Renovating is a perfect time to take advantage of that knowledge.

 Open Spaces

The free-flowing, collaborative environments of the major tech companies have proven that the old way of boxing everyone up into cubicles is counterproductive as well as demeaning to employees.  Look to make use of open spaces allowing for more comfortable work areas that may seem closer to a living room than a workstation pen.  While there will still be a need for quiet, private areas for individual work, allowing employees to move about freely can foster teamwork and boost morale.

 Natural Lighting

Allowing more natural light to enter your office space will provide a better work environment for your team.  Natural light is easier on the eyes while improving overall health and wellbeing.  An added bonus of increasing the amount of natural light in the office is the lowering of your lighting bills.  It’s estimated lighting can account for over 20% of a company’s total energy costs.  Consider adding or enlarging windows and fitting skylights to increase sun exposure.  If budget or space constraints render those options unfeasible, look into light shelving which entails installing highly reflective horizontal surfaces near the windows and above eye level to reflect daylight into the area.


Taking care of an employee’s body naturally contributes to taking care of their mind, which in turn brings about prosperity for all.  The 21rst century has brought about major changes when it comes to treating the body with respect in office situations.  Use today’s medical knowledge to your advantage and ensure your employees are getting the support they need.  Upgrading your office furniture can pay off in future dividends by ensuring your employees remain healthy and able-bodied.