Top Tips for Building Wisely on Commercial Construction Projects

Commercial construction projects typically progress very differently than residential projects.  There are more people involved, the scale is usually larger and the design may be more unique.  Another key difference is that the business still has to carry on with its regular duties while also overseeing the building of the new structure.  For this reason [...]

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4 Major Industrial Construction Changes of the Future

Every industry faces change over time and the construction industry is no exception.  And although construction work may not have yet experienced the radical digital revolutions that have been seen in the media and travel booking industries, there’s no doubt that technological advancements are already having an effect on builders.  The greatest changes are likely [...]

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Small Ways that Make a Big Impact for Office Design

If you feel that your office needs an update, but don’t have the budget for a full renovation, there are plenty of small ways that make a big impact for office design.  This article will go over a number of ideas that can change the atmosphere and feel of your office without having to go [...]

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Top 3 Commercial Construction Trends for Restaurants

The restaurant industry as a whole is experiencing a kind of 21rst century renaissance.  Younger generations are eating out more often at all types of restaurants - fast food, upscale, ethnic, you name it.  With an increasing consumer base comes increased competition, so standing out among the crowd becomes a necessity for new or newly [...]

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Top Office Design Trends for 2019

As with every other industry, the year ends off by looking back on the previous year’s successes and failures while looking forward into the new year to predict what it will bring.  The office design business is no different. Learning from the past and using that knowledge to create a better future is how our [...]

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The Best 3 Holiday Gifts for Your Commercial Property

During the holiday season everyone is in a mad rush to complete their gift giving list.  You need to take care of your family, friends, coworkers and possibly even some of the service workers that you deal with on a regular basis.  But if you can manage it, you might consider adding your commercial property [...]

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Design Trends to Make Your Office More Productive

Productivity is incorporated into the design of every successful business space.  When your office is laid out to improve the working conditions of your employees both the business and the people working there benefit.  The turn of the century has seen a lot of improvements in the way that office spaces are set up to [...]

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4 Steps for Eco-Friendly Commercial Renovations

Environmental concerns are playing a larger role in commercial renovations as the world wakes up to the realities of a changing climate and the depletion of natural resources.  Because of the scale of commercial developments, thinking critically when it comes to eco-friendly design can have a much greater environmental impact than what can be achieved [...]

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Why Natural Light is Important for Office Space

Every office is going to have artificial lighting of some sort.  Even if your office is completely made of glass you’ll still need something to illuminate the space when the sun goes down.  And although some types of artificial light may be better than others, nothing beats natural light. This article will go over four [...]

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3 Most Durable Commercial Flooring Options

When choosing flooring in a commercial building you’ll want to install something durable that can withstand heavy traffic.  Commercial buildings typically receive a rate of footfall exponentially higher than that found in residential buildings and the flooring materials will need to reflect that.  Without taking those extra footsteps into account you’ll be replacing the flooring [...]

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