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Design Trends to Make Your Office More Productive

Productivity is incorporated into the design of every successful business space.  When your office is laid out to improve the working conditions of your employees both the business and the people working there benefit.  The turn of the century has seen a lot of improvements in the way that office spaces are set up to [...]

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4 Steps for Eco-Friendly Commercial Renovations

Environmental concerns are playing a larger role in commercial renovations as the world wakes up to the realities of a changing climate and the depletion of natural resources.  Because of the scale of commercial developments, thinking critically when it comes to eco-friendly design can have a much greater environmental impact than what can be achieved [...]

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Why Natural Light is Important for Office Space

Every office is going to have artificial lighting of some sort.  Even if your office is completely made of glass you’ll still need something to illuminate the space when the sun goes down.  And although some types of artificial light may be better than others, nothing beats natural light. This article will go over four [...]

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3 Most Durable Commercial Flooring Options

When choosing flooring in a commercial building you’ll want to install something durable that can withstand heavy traffic.  Commercial buildings typically receive a rate of footfall exponentially higher than that found in residential buildings and the flooring materials will need to reflect that.  Without taking those extra footsteps into account you’ll be replacing the flooring [...]

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Is There a Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Construction?

Although most contractors probably know the difference between commercial and industrial construction, it may be something that the casual onlooker may not understand.  However, there are several significant differences between the two styles of construction and this article will go over the characteristics that define each. By the end of this post, even the average [...]

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Top 5 Retail Design & Construction Tips

Retail design and construction is unlike other building projects in that there are typically several more parties with a vested interest involved in the enterprise.  Custom design will often be much more important in retail situations as well. This can make working retail somewhat more tricky than residential or industrial design and construction.  In this [...]

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The Top Questions About Commercial Construction

When planning a commercial construction project there are some common questions you should ask before breaking ground.  Understanding the basics before starting construction is imperative to having a successful build.  When dealing with prospective contractors, you should make sure you ask these top questions to prevent surprises and disappointment. Cost Knowing how much a project [...]

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6 Tips for Building the Perfect Warehouse for Your Business

Upgrading your warehouse can be tricky business.  It’s not something you just want to walk into without thinking it through properly.  It’s going to cost a lot of money and time no matter how you go about it, so planning will play an important role in getting it right the first time.  In this article [...]

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Top Retail Designs That Boost Sales

For retailers looking to maximize their sales there are all sorts of tricks and tips that are supposed to increase customer spending.  However, focusing on retail design will not only improve your bottom line, it will also create an aesthetically pleasing environment. In this article we’ll go over the top retail design ideas that will [...]

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The Best Commercial Remodeling Trends Growing Businesses Should Know About

Updating and remodeling your commercial space can increase your business’ productivity, bring down costs and reduce the amount of energy used.  With these goals in mind, there are certain trends in commercial remodeling that can help to achieve these intentions. This article is focused on the best commercial updates that growing businesses should know about. [...]

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