When it comes to painting any type of building, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the colour.  And of course, that’s only natural.  Paint is what gives the walls and ceiling of any building their colours.  However, when you’re painting commercial buildings there are other things that need to be considered, such as maintenance and durability.  In this article, we’ll consider what type of paint is best for commercial buildings.

Types Of Commercial Building Paint

There are several different types of paint that can be used in commercial buildings.  Besides the colour, it’s the sheen that needs to be chosen carefully when painting non-residential areas.  This is because paints with more sheen are more durable.  


Matte paint is also known as flat.  This is because it has very little sheen and therefore doesn’t reflect very much light.  Matte finishes are great for walls with a lot of imperfections because those imperfections don’t show through matte paint very well.  However, matte paints will easily come off if rubbed too hard during cleaning.  In commercial buildings, matte paints might be more suitable for low/no traffic areas such as ceilings.


Satin paints are a type of middle ground between matte and high gloss paints.  They reflect some light, but will also hide imperfections on the painted surfaces.  Satin paints are able to stand up to light cleaning.  However, satin paints must be applied with a steady hand as they can easily show brush and roller strokes.


A semi-gloss paint is quite durable and can withstand regular cleaning, so it’s often used in commercial settings.  Semi-gloss paints also reflect a lot of light and show brush strokes and imperfections quite easily.  This makes it more difficult to use for painting novices.


Gloss paint reflects the most light and is the most revealing when it comes to surface imperfections and brush or roller strokes.  However, it’s a highly durable paint that can withstand repeated cleanings and scrubbings which makes it very popular in high traffic, commercial situations.  If you know certain areas will require regular cleaning, a glossy paint combined with a professional painter might be the best choice.