Although it might be contrary to the belief of the average person, there are many different types of construction that take place.  For example, there are large differences between residential construction, commercial construction and public works construction. In this article we’ll focus on commercial construction and try to answer the question of, “What types of projects are considered commercial construction?”

Commercial Construction Defined

Commercial construction refers to building projects that are ultimately used in the private sector.  It differs from residential and public works construction not only in the types of regulations and standards that must be met, but also in how the buildings are eventually used.  Residential projects are eventually occupied and inhabited by private citizens while public works buildings are used by civil servants. Commercial buildings are utilized by private industry to allow commercial activities to take place.

Types Of Commercial Construction

Because commercial construction entails the building, renovation, selling and renting of spaces used in commercial enterprises, there are many different examples of projects that are considered commercial construction.  Some of the more popular types are listed here.


Retail stores are businesses set up for the general public to visit and purchase items that are offered for sale by the business owners.  Retail construction involves creating a space that’s easily accessible to the general public. It’s designed to be appealing, inviting and attractive to the casual passersby.


Restaurants are a very specialized type of commercial construction.  The building must be designed to cater to the particular needs of the food industry.  These specialized needs include behind the scenes elements such as plumbing, ventilation, electricity and waste management.  Restaurants also require a strong design element to attract and retain customers.


Although hotels are a type of residential building, they are considered a commercial development because of the transitory nature of its customers.  During planning and construction there’s a need to concentrate on location, accessibility, privacy and soundproofing as well as design elements.


When used by the private sector, offices are considered commercial developments.  The size and scope of these types of projects can vary widely. And although there’s a need for attractive design and comfort, quite often financial considerations take precedence thus making the best use of the space is often the primary concern.