It wasn’t too long ago that building green was a path reserved for environmental activists.  However, as more people become aware of the problems the earth is facing, green buildings are becoming more mainstream.  In this article we’ll go over the top benefits of building green.

Tax Incentives

Many levels of government are getting on board with green building by offering tax incentives to those who construct energy efficient buildings.  By encouraging the construction of buildings that use less energy and resources, governments aren’t only helping the builders, but the occupants and neighbours as well.  Finding out what tax incentives are available for green building can add up to significant savings.

Lowered Or Nullified Utility Bills

By constructing buildings that are energy efficient or even net zero energy, there is a financial benefit when it comes to bills for water, gas and electricity.  Some buildings can even make money by selling electricity back to the supplier. Bringing down utility bills will lower costs for everyone involved in the building.

Increased Property Values

Green certified buildings have a relatively higher property value when compared with traditional, but similar, constructions.  Similarly, when everything else is the same, tenants are more likely to choose a green building over a traditional, non-certified structure.  A green building is also more likely to retain or increase its value when it comes to reselling.

Healthier Tenants

The people who inhabit a green building will have less exposure to toxic fumes and other health hazards.  They’ll also likely have access to more natural light, more green spaces and fewer indoor pollutants. Not only will the building’s occupants be healthier, they’ll be more productive.

Increased Natural Light

Increasing the amount of natural light that enters a building can be beneficial in several different ways.  Natural light not only lowers the need for artificial light, it can be used to warm the building with lowered heating costs as a result.  It’s been found that people are more positively affected by natural light compared with artificial light. Natural light has even been found to increase retail sales when compared with artificial light.