Retail design and construction is unlike other building projects in that there are typically several more parties with a vested interest involved in the enterprise.  Custom design will often be much more important in retail situations as well. This can make working retail somewhat more tricky than residential or industrial design and construction.  In this article we go over five tips when it comes to retail design and construction.

Understand The Customer

Although understanding the customer is important in any business environment, retailers typically already have a very clear understanding of what their space needs to be.  Understanding their needs when it comes to colour schemes, layout, franchise obligations and specialty needs will be important for a smooth running project. Work closely with your client to prevent unwanted surprises.

Understand The Design Rules

Most buildings have a Tenant Design Manual (TDM) that lays out what is and what isn’t acceptable when it comes to design and construction on their property.  Make sure to pay attention to the stipulations of the the TDM to prevent costly mistakes. What’s acceptable at a certain property may be forbidden at another, so follow the TDM carefully.

Understand The Work Rules

Knowing the work rules specific to the building or facility you’re engaged with before you start working will decrease any chances of an insufficient bid or running over time.  Knowing the rules when it comes to unionized workers, security clearance needs, allowable work times and site access will allow for a smoothly run project.

Understand The Time Restrictions

Running overtime is the same, if not worse, as running over budget.  Ensure you understand the lead times necessary for delivery of all your materials, access to extra contractors and workers and any customized work that’s necessary.  Certain things are impossible to rush, so make sure you budget enough time to allow them to come to fruition.

Understand The Approval Process

As mentioned above, retail projects can be somewhat more complicated because of the number of parties who have a say in the process.  When seeking approvals, ensure you’re being approved by every necessary party. There’s not much worse than thinking everything is a go and then finding out you’re lacking the approval of even more powers-that-be.