The restaurant industry as a whole is experiencing a kind of 21rst century renaissance.  Younger generations are eating out more often at all types of restaurants – fast food, upscale, ethnic, you name it.  With an increasing consumer base comes increased competition, so standing out among the crowd becomes a necessity for new or newly renovated restaurants.  To help restaurant owners hone their vision, this article will go over the top three commercial construction trends for restaurants.

Post It On Instagram

One of the biggest trends in the restaurant business in the past decade has been the proliferation of mobile phone cameras and restaurant pictures being posted to social media sites such as Instagram.  It wasn’t that long ago that taking a photo inside a restaurant would’ve been a disruptive event that would have been frowned upon. No longer is that the case. Taking photos of restaurant food and its surroundings has become the norm.  Restaurants can use this to their advantage during the building or renovation stage by including social media worthy design elements. Creating an eye-catching piece that’s easily photographed can end up being the best advertisement a restaurant could ever hope for.  Keep this in mind when detailing your new layout.

Environmental Sustainability

No matter your opinion on climate change, the fact is that environmental sustainability is something that’s on many people’s minds.  With everything else being equal, if customers have a choice between an environmentally sustainable location and one that has no care about such matters, it’s easy to guess which restaurant will end up with the business.  You can even see this trend occurring in the largest fast food chain restaurants. Rather than bury your head in the sand when it comes to environmental causes, let them play to your advantage.

Open Concept

Something related to the locally sourced, environmentally sustainable movement is an open concept design which allows diners to see into the kitchen.  This alleviates any concerns about cleanliness and freshness of ingredients. Even if the kitchen isn’t completely open to the public, adding in large windows can make the kitchen feel visible and accessible.