Maybe your business is growing faster than expected.  Maybe you need to rebrand or refresh what you’re doing.  Or maybe your team just needs a change of scenery. Whatever the reason for renovating your office there are some tried and true methods that can ensure it’s as painless and non-disruptive as possible.  In this article we’ll go over three essential tips for a successful office renovation.

Have A Long Term Plan

A long term plan will provide you with long term benefits and ensure you’re not going through the disruptive process of renovating your office all over again before it’s absolutely necessary.  With the vision of a long term plan you’ll be able to look into the future and build a list of checkpoints you can use to reference your growth and estimate your need for further upgrades. If you focus too much on the short term you may find yourself outgrowing your renovations before anyone has the chance to actually get used to them.  Your renovations won’t last forever, but some intuitive foresight will help ensure they’re useful for longer.

Put Together A Budget

Of course you’ll need to know how much your renovations will cost before you start building.  Therefore a detailed budget will be important not only to help estimate the amount of money you’ll need, but also allow you to see where potential overruns may occur.  A budget will force you to prioritize your wants against your needs while keeping you from adding unnecessary work or changing your mind halfway through the project. And by including a contingency plan you’ll be sure you have enough money to actually complete the job.

Get Feedback From Your Team

Your employees and the people who work with you probably end up using the office space more than anyone else.  For this reason they’re intimately familiar with how things are working and how they could work better. By getting their feedback you’ll be receiving advice from those who know the situation best.  And by including them in the process they’ll feel more personally invested in the business going forward.