When it comes to office redesign, there’s no rule that states you must break the bank to do so.  It’s very possible to update your office for a reasonable price.  But keeping the costs to a bare minimum requires planning and flexibility.  To help those who are trying to reimagine their office space but don’t have an unlimited bankroll to do so, we’ve come up with three budget friendly office design tips.

Set Your Budget

This is the most important part of your planning stage especially if you don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around.  By setting a budget you set guidelines and limits around everything that comes afterwards.  Knowing that there’s a cost ceiling that can’t be breached will ensure you make decisions that will work for both the office and your bank account.

Create A Plan

Outsourcing the planning stages may end up saving you money in the long run.  Those with experience are less likely to forget, omit or ignore things that can become quite costly to deal with later.  An experienced designer who can see the project through from beginning to end while dealing with details that might be out of your scope of familiarity, think wiring or plumbing, can end up saving you from making expensive mistakes.

Aesthetics Versus Function

While aesthetics are important, particularly for offices that welcome clients and guests, function allows the necessary work to get done efficiently.  A happy marriage between the two is important, especially when it comes to new paradigms such as social distancing and health concerns.  You might also be able repurpose much of the furniture and equipment you already have on hand to bring down the cost of acquiring new.  And rather than simply throwing out the things you no longer need, consider online selling to defray the costs of your renovation.  Another way to reduce expenditures is to spend less on necessities that are hidden away from view.  As long as they’re properly functional they don’t necessarily need to look beautiful if clients and the general public don’t encounter them.