Upgrading your warehouse can be tricky business.  It’s not something you just want to walk into without thinking it through properly.  It’s going to cost a lot of money and time no matter how you go about it, so planning will play an important role in getting it right the first time.  In this article we’ll go over six tips for building the perfect warehouse for your business.

 Check Your Numbers

Ensuring it makes sense to upgrade your warehouse from a feasibility standpoint is of the utmost importance.  Making sure you see a positive return on your investment will ensure you’re not venturing into a project that will end up being a money pit.  Make sure the money you’re going to spend is spent well.

 Allocate Enough Time

As in any project, you’re almost assured that it will run over the allotted time.  Embed this overrun into your plans so you don’t end up being caught short in the end.  It’s always better to finish earlier than planned than running over schedule.

 Renovate, Move Or Build?

Deciding whether to renovate your existing property, move to another one or build a new warehouse altogether is a decision worth making properly.  And although it may be cheaper to renovate or move in the short term, taking a long term view may save you money in the long run.  Look into the future to see what your needs will be and decide accordingly.

 Involve Everyone Concerned

Make sure that everyone, from the newest employee to the highest levels of planning officials are kept informed about the project.  Making sure that everyone knows what’s going on will prevent surprises and inefficiencies with the project.  Ensuring that everybody is on board will make everything run more smoothly.

 Get Help

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to take on a project of this size while keeping the business going with your current team.  Get help from contractors, project managers and experienced professionals.  Start a competitive bid system to get the best team for the job.

 Remember Your Existing Customers

Changing processes in your business can be jarring for existing customers.  Make sure not to lose them outright by keeping them informed and giving them options.  It’s much easier to keep existing customers than to find new ones.