If you feel that your office needs an update, but don’t have the budget for a full renovation, there are plenty of small ways that make a big impact for office design.  This article will go over a number of ideas that can change the atmosphere and feel of your office without having to go through a radical redesign. Save your business some money while creating a better environment for your employees and clients.

 Go Natural

An easy way to refresh a tired office space is to add some greenery.  Invest in some plants that are known to do well indoors.  If you feel they won’t be cared for properly you may want to look into plant rental or plant maintenance services.  For a small fee you can end up with some impressive greenery that can be swapped out if they ever start feeling tired.

 Schedule A House Cleaning

There’s no doubt that a messy area can bring down morale.  Just think of what it’s like when your own house starts to get too messy.  If it’s been awhile since your office has had a deep clean you may want to set aside a day where your order in some pizzas and get everyone to lend a hand for a full scale cleaning.  If things are too busy to take people away from their primary tasks, consider hiring a company to come in and spruce things up.

 Flip Your Art

You likely have some sort of decoration in your office already.  And maybe it’s been there so long that it’s just become part of the background and doesn’t grab anyone’s eye anymore.  Maybe it’s time to get rid of what you have an bring in something new.  This doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot of money either.  You might even consider asking your employees if they have anything that they’d like to donate to the space.  You might end up with some really unique and personalized decorations.

 Invite Some Outsiders

If you have excess space in your office you might consider getting in on the desk rental phenomenon that’s been advanced by the work-from-home economy.  Not only would this add some income to the business it would introduce new people and ideas to your office.