When it comes to commercial construction projects, there’s that old saying about allowing for twice as much time and an extra 30% on the budget.  But just because there’s an old saying doesn’t mean it has to be so.  In this article we’ll go over some tips for how to save money on a commercial construction project.

 Choose The Right Season

Undertaking construction projects in the middle of winter can be risky when it comes to keeping costs down and getting the job done on time.  Bad weather can cause delays which will make your costs escalate as well.  However, building in the middle of the summer can also cause a price increase because it’s such a busy season for construction.  If you can work in the spring or the fall you can get decent weather and lowered costs.

 Plan Ahead

Commercial construction projects will always have some wiggle room when it comes to exactly what’s done and when.  However, the more you can plan ahead and stick to the initial vision for the project, the less likely you’ll need to make changes which will cost you money and time.  Take the time at the beginning to come up with an overall plan that will see you through the entire project.

 Limit Change

Almost every commercial construction project will experience changes throughout the process, but the fewer changes you make, the cheaper and quicker you can finish the job.  Try and limit the number of changes you make to your initial plans.  It’ll save you time and money.

 Hire Design Build Services

Hiring someone on to take care of the design build services allows the design and construction processes to work at the same time.  This will allow you to finish the project faster while cutting down on your costs.  Consider outsourcing the design build services to bring down your costs and speed up the construction process.