Anyone in commercial construction and renovations should understand that safety is of the utmost concern.  Poor safety standards lead to poor morale and poor morale decreases productivity.  An unsafe construction or renovation environment will ultimately cost time and money, nevermind the potential for injury or possible death.  To help you create a safe working environment, we’ve put together this list of four safety tips for commercial renovation.


Head And Eye Protection

Having proper head and eye protection during renovations is the primary mode of defence.  There’s always the chance that something can fall from above or fly across the site when working so it’s important to be wearing the appropriate protection in case that happens.  Work sites can also expose low hanging obstructions that are easy to inadvertently bump into.  Properly fitted head gear and eye protection are instrumental in preventing injuries to these overly sensitive parts of the body.


Foot And Hand Protection

After the head and eyes, the extremities are the next most vulnerable parts of the body.  Appropriate footwear will prevent slipping, crushing of the toes, punctures of the sole and possibly burns from acids and other chemicals.  Gloves should be available that are appropriate for the job at hand.  They may need to protect against cuts, abrasions, burns, electrocution and more.


Dealing With Heights

Falls are one of the most common sources of injury and deaths in the construction and renovation industry.  If your site requires dealing with heights, special attention should be paid to the hazards.  Ladder and scaffolding safety should be addressed before each job begins, even if it does begin to sound repetitive.  Security harnesses should be used whenever appropriate.  Overhead hazards such as electrical lines should also be noted and avoided.


Electrical Safety

Electrocution is another common cause of death on construction and renovation sites.  Because electrical sources and wires can often be exposed during construction, demolition or renovation processes it’s important to be aware when working around them.  Leave electrical work to those certified for the job and have the power turned off whenever appropriate.  Have everyone keep an eye out and report any bare or exposed wires on the work site.