It needs to be said:  office chairs are important.  Not just because we sit in them, but because we likely sit in them for such long periods of time.  A poorly designed office chair can lead to physical problems that can affect office productivity and morale, not to mention individual health.  Investing in decent office chairs is investing directly into the health of your business.  If you’re wondering what to look for in office chairs for your business, we’ve put together a few guidelines.



Whether a chair is being used by one or many people, adjustability is important.  Even for a single user, different positions may be required for different tasks.  Being able to adjust the height, tilt angle, swivel and arm rests will ensure your chair can be comfortably used in all situations.  Almost as important as adjustability is the ease of adjustability.  You don’t want to have to pull out your toolkit every time you want to adjust your chair.  You should be able to adjust most parts of the chair without actually getting out of your seat.


Lumbar Support

We probably spend more time in our office chairs than we should.  For this reason it’s important your chair gives your back the support it deserves.  Look for a contoured chair back that works with your body shape and size.  You want your chair to cause your lower spine to be slightly arched to prevent slouching.  Your back will thank you for it over the long run.



No longer are leather office chairs considered the height of luxury.  Nowadays most premium chairs are created with some sort of material that allows air to circulate.  This ensures that if you’re sitting for long periods of time that you don’t end up getting a sweaty back or butt.  Mesh, fabric and other materials also make these ventilated chairs much lighter than their leather counterparts.



The larger your desk, the more you’ll need to move back and forth.  This can become arduous if your office chair has flat feet.  Casters or rollers can allow getting from one end of your desk to another much easier.  Getting ones that work well with your floor is also important.  If you’re worried about floor damage you might want to consider getting a protective floor mat.