When it comes to a new commercial construction project, teaming up with the right partners is vital to being satisfied with the outcome.  But this isn’t always a straightforward process.  Soliciting construction bids and proposals can be fraught with uncertainty and second guessing.  In an aid to help you find the right team, we present some insider tips for soliciting commercial construction proposals.

Partner Up Early

When there’s a lot of demand for commercial construction contractors and vendors you can find it difficult to work around other company’s schedules and backlogs.  It may even end up delaying your own project.  To prevent this from happening, consider teaming up with a general contractor well in advance rather than waiting until the last minute to initiate a bidding process.  This can also provide you with inside information on peak and low seasons which can allow you to solicit vendor bids accordingly.

Work With An Integrated Design/Build Company

Dealing with separate design and build companies can result in miscommunications, conflicting schedules, divergent philosophies and contradictory approaches. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but working with an integrated design/build company will ensure that the two teams are accustomed to working with each other and have a shared objective.  This will prevent you from being caught in the middle of two warring parties if things go wrong.

Consider Scrapping The Bid Process Altogether

Bidding can often lead to what’s known as a race to the bottom.  In a scramble to secure work, bidders lower their asking price to the point that the job cannot be done properly with the agreed upon budget.  Ultimately this can lead to cost overruns, poor quality materials, rushed workmanship and the possibility of a dangerous work environment.  By taking on a contractor and having them involved even before the design process begins, you’ll be afforded educated input and advice throughout the operation.  At the same time the contractor will be fully invested in seeing the project through to completion with a minimum of conflict and disruption.

Find The Right Partner

Although easier said than done, partnering up with the right team is essential.  Reduced costs won’t count for much if you can’t trust who you’re working with.  Try and spend some quality time with potential contractors and pay close attention how they carry themselves.  Small inconsistencies during initial meetings can portend major headaches down the road.