Undertaking commercial construction is a costly and time-consuming proposition.  Having a reliable commercial contractor on your side will help ensure you don’t run over time or over budget.  To help you decide how to choose the best commercial contractor, we’ve put together this list of things to keep in mind.

Review Their Portfolio

Knowing that your commercial contractor has experience with the type of construction project you’re considering will reduce the possibility of being disappointed.  Assess their portfolio, both online and via any handouts or catalogs they can supply you with.  The portfolio can also give you an idea of the style, craftsmanship and attention to detail that the commercial contractor tends to employ.

Ask For References

Take the time to speak to other clients who have employed the contractor you’re considering.  While it’s only natural that you’ll only be given access to the best references, you can still learn a lot from the experiences of previous customers.  You can gain insights on operating style, work ethic, communication style and much more – even if the report is overwhelmingly positive.

Check For Licensing

You could assume that any company that identifies as a commercial contractor would be properly licensed, but such an assumption could leave you extremely vulnerable.  Ensuring the contracting company is licensed, bonded and insured will also protect you against rogue employees or honest accidents.  Taking the simple steps to substantiate proper registration could save your livelihood.

Ask About Their Range Of Services

There’s much more to commercial construction than just construction.  Things such as feasibility studies, architecture and design services or zoning and permit applications may or may not be covered by the contractor in question.  In some cases, you might want a single contractor to take care of everything, whereas in other cases you might be better off dealing with specialists.  Find out about the full range of services that a potential commercial contractor can provide to help you make a decision.

Assess The Estimate

By comparing a range of estimates from different contractors, you’ll have a better idea of the true cost of your project.  And while the most expensive estimate isn’t necessarily the best, the quotes offered will give you insight into how each contracting company values itself.  Price and schedule estimates can also give you a starting point for asking further questions about how the project will unfold.