Choosing and buying carpeting isn’t everyone’s favourite way to spend their time and money. However, when it needs to be done, it’s important to be done right. You’ll have to live with your choice for a long time. Choosing the right carpet can be even more difficult in a commercial setting. There are many more factors to consider. For some tips on how to choose the best commercial carpet, check out these tips.


Commercial carpet will likely receive more foot traffic and experience more wear and tear than the carpeting you’d find in a home. The more durable the commercial carpet, the more expensive it will be. So how much durability should you invest in? A good way to estimate the appropriate level of durability is to compare the carpet’s warranty with your lease on the building. Matching these up means you shouldn’t have to replace the carpet before it’s time to move or renovate.

Stain Resistance

You’re probably going to have more problems with stains in a commercial environment than you will at home. It’s unfortunate, but true, that people won’t respect the flooring in a commercial building as much as they would in a residential home. You don’t expect people to take their shoes off in a commercial building. Quite often, if someone spills something they might just leave it for the janitor. For these reasons, you should keep stain resistance in mind when choosing your carpets. Some businesses will be more prone to stains than others, but you should consider spills and potential stains as part of doing business.


The type of business you’re running should influence the aesthetics of the commercial carpet you invest in. If customers and clients are frequent visitors, you want to present a reasonable aesthetic. Even if you don’t have visitors, you still want your employees to feel pride in their workspace. A better looking work area will lead to more productive workers.


Certain areas of your building may need more durable carpet than others. Busy hallways and lunchrooms will likely benefit from different carpeting than the executive suite or storage closet. Keep in mind how the various parts of your building are being used and choose your carpeting accordingly.