While you may have had experience painting your personal kitchen, it’s important to understand that painting a commercial kitchen is an entirely different proposition.  Things such as hygiene and ease of cleaning might be important in both types of kitchens, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll have a health inspector regularly grading your home kitchen.  For this reason and many more, it’s important to ensure a commercial kitchen is painted properly.  In this post, we’ll go over four tips for painting a commercial kitchen.

Hygiene Coating Paint

In a commercial kitchen setting, it’s important to use a high performance hygiene coating paint.  Hygiene coating paint is antibacterial, has the strength to withstand daily cleanings and remains stable when exposed to high temperatures.  Hygiene coating paints are required in commercial kitchens because they enhance food safety by helping prevent contamination.

Don’t Forget The Floor

While commercial kitchen floors are often composed of concrete, choosing an appropriate flooring paint can make the kitchen safer and easier to clean.  Flooring paints that are antibacterial, anti-slip and hard-wearing will reduce the chances of food contamination and accidents. They’ll also be easier to clean and maintain.  Choosing the right type of paint for the floor will minimize several types of risks.

Visual Appeal

A closed-off commercial kitchen might not be required to match any of the aspects of the food serving area, but in an open kitchen, having the right colours can play an important role in the overall ambience.  If colour and style are important in the kitchen, it’s important to ensure that the colours you want to use are available in hygiene coating paints.  Luckily, hygiene coating paints come in a wide variety of colours.

Balancing Price With Functionality

Remaining profitable is something that always has to be in the mind of those in charge of a commercial kitchen.  This also needs to be kept in mind when remodelling.  While it’s necessary to use hygiene coating paints, there is a lot of variation in pricing.  Ensuring that your paint job will satisfy both the health inspectors and the bank loan officers is something that needs to be balanced during your decision-making process.