For those who aren’t in the construction industry, the idea of design may not align with what might be thought of as a brute force type of working style.  But design plays a very important role in the construction process and is much more than just an aesthetic afterthought. There are several reasons why the design phase is important during pre-construction.  In this article we’ll explain in greater detail the importance of design in the pre-construction process.

Opening Communication Lines

The design process brings the client and the contractor together and initiates the communication connection that needs to be kept working throughout the operation.  Because the initial design ideas are typically part of the client’s vision and it’s the job of the contractor to interpret those ideas, the client/contractor relationship begins with design.  Effective communication is an important part of the construction process and having properly opened communication lines will serve the entire job.

Problem Prevention

The design process is an important part of preventing problems from arising during the construction phase of the job.  Design allows the invested parties to visualize the finished product and discover possible issues that may arise even before the ground is broken.  Design won’t preclude changes being made as the job progresses, but it helps with the anticipation of problems before they actually arise.

Regulatory Compliance

The design process also helps to ensure that regulations will be met as construction proceeds.  Design compels the contractor to look at the local ordinances and ensure all the various elements of the construction process meet the requirements.  Without this kind of foresight a project can be stopped in its tracks.


Working out the financial considerations and creating a budget is another important part of the design phase during pre-construction.  Changes and refinements in the design process will affect the budget of the overall project. As the design phase is concluded the final budget becomes much clearer and easier to put together.  This is the time to compile all the cost estimates provided by the various suppliers and subcontractors.