As we transition from summer into fall and more and more workers end up coming back to the office, remodeling is often on the minds of those in charge.  A remodeled office space can rejuvenate a workforce and create a more efficient workplace.  For some fall office remodeling tips, we’ve put together this list.


As the outdoor temperatures begin to drop, workers will often begin to complain about the office being too cold.  However, this can be a year round problem with the office becoming too hot in the summer.  Office temperature can definitely affect worker  morale and productivity. Upgrading your insulation during a remodel can be a smart investment that results in worker comfort, increased productivity and energy savings.   


Increasing the amount of natural light your office receives will increase productivity, reduce worker sick days and create a more inviting office environment.  What’s not to like about all that?  Investing in more or bigger windows will let in more light and make your office more appealing to both clients and workers.  Think carefully of how your windows can increase the winter light levels while preventing the space from overheating during the summer.


Is your office layout conducive to efficiency or is it making it difficult to get around and get the jobs done with the least amount of wasted effort?  Changing the layout of your office can also stimulate your employees and lead to greater productivity.  A soundproof office booth can also help with employees’ productivity. Maybe the company would benefit from more open spaces or by adding some quiet, private spots.  Speak to your workers and ask them for ideas since they’re the ones who will likely have the most day-to-day experience with the space.


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for improving morale and the overall environment.  It’s been found that colourful offices can lead to more employee happiness than those  that are dull or grey.  If your workers often get stressed, a colour such as blue can be used to help calm them down.  Or if you need them to be on fire at all times, red might be the better colour choice.  Painting different parts of the office different colours to promote different moods could create a dynamic environment that suits a broad range of working goals.