Updating and remodeling your commercial space can increase your business’ productivity, bring down costs and reduce the amount of energy used.  With these goals in mind, there are certain trends in commercial remodeling that can help to achieve these intentions. This article is focused on the best commercial updates that growing businesses should know about.

Open Space

The tech revolution hasn’t only affected the way we communicate, it’s also changed the way that commercial spaces are designed.  Open spaces are a trend that not only developed from the need for workers to collaborate, they were a backlash against what was perceived as a demeaning cubicle culture that had taken over most offices.  Nowadays, open spaces aren’t only incorporated into office buildings, they have affected other commercial areas such as retail and finance. Create a welcoming space for your employees and customers by greeting them with larger open areas.

Natural Light

A large percentage of operating costs of any business has to be devoted to literally keeping the lights on.  However, with some remodeling savvy and the use of more natural light it’s possible to bring down your business’ energy costs.  As an added bonus, the extra sunlight will allow your employees to work and feel better. In addition to extra windows, consider skylights and innovative light shelving systems.

Clean Air

There’s been much talk about how sick buildings can result in sick employees.  One of the biggest factors in a so-called sick building is its air quality. A building’s air quality can be affected by volatile organic compounds released by paints, carpets and manufactured woods.  Innovations in ventilation systems have resulted in improved indoor air quality as well as lowered costs. When planning your commercial renovation, keeping air quality in mind can prove beneficial to both your employees and your bottom line.


If you’re planning to remodel, you should look at your renovations from an efficiency standpoint as much as an aesthetic one.  Streamlining the processes in your place of business will not only save you money, but it will also save people’s sanity. Look at the major functions of your business and how they interact with each other to come up with an overall picture that makes sense in an integrated fashion.